Opening Statements: Washington Justice v Chengdu Hunters, Stage 2 Week 1

Today, the Justice have their second matchup of the week against one of the new China expansion teams. What are their chances? Continue reading

Washington Justice’s roster strategy is not unique to sports- but will it work in OWL?

Plenty of people have pointed out that the Justice roster is lacking one particular thing- OWL experience. Tons of pundits have doubts that Washington will be much of a threat during this season of OWL, and many continue to blame a lack of consistent experience to draw numbers or expectations from. Perhaps this is just because of the current meta of the game along with the┬ástate of esports, in that most teams attempt to build rosters around those expected to be in the greatest echelon or superstar status before even being risked a slot upon, but many teams have consisted of stars that have ultimately failed to get the prize at the end. The question is: will Washington’s strategy work or not? Continue reading