ARIKA announces official Fighting Ex Layer merchandise

Yesterday, ARIKA announced something that was a bit of a surprise- there would be official merchandise released in Japan to support Fighting Ex Layer. Rather than detail the news fully on its own website, one of the team at ARIKA went to twitter to detail how the merch release would be handled in Japan and a step-by-step for those of us overseas: Continue reading

On taking a break from Capcom fighting games

During Capcom Cup, Street Fighter V’s most recent patch for season 4 was distributed, and it is honestly the best that the game has ever felt to me, personally. There are, naturally, a few questionable mechanics and changes, but, overall, I feel it is the most fun the game has been to play since launch. And I’ve made the decision to take a break from the game entirely. But it’s not the gameplay that’s got me thinking it’s best to stop for awhile. No, the game itself is quite fine, in my opinion. It’s something deeper, something rooted in a corporate culture that is rotting from the inside. Continue reading

Soul Calibur 6 is getting a patch, Bandai Namco reveals release date for 2B

Since getting revealed at the end of October this year, there has been a ton of hype and confusion about the date of the inclusion of 2B to the roster of Soul Calibur 6. Well, wonder no more! 2B has now been confirmed to be coming to the game on December 18th via Bandai Namco’s website.


Strangely enough, Bandai Namco didn’t add a new section to their site… they just edited the existing news page for it. Weird.

In other big news, there’s been a new patch revealed as well! The notes are not extremely detailed, but a quick look over should prepare players for what’s to come.

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Street Fighter V’s sponsored ads are already a mess

Street Fighter V, as of yesterday, implemented a huge 16GB update that rolled out brand new features, most of which are related to the upcoming Capcom Cup and… the much dreaded sponsored ads. I’ve already discussed at length how I personally feel about the prospect of sponsored material being in a premium priced game, so I want to talk about the quality of the ads themselves.

It’s not a good prognosis.

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Sponsored ads in Street Fighter 5 are a poor idea by Capcom

There has been plenty of discourse about the nature of sponsored ads in Street Fighter 5 across the internet lately. Almost hourly, there are new takes on what it means for Capcom and Street Fighter 5 to be including ad-based content in a game that isn’t free-to-play (referred to as F2P), and what it means for players to deal with injected sponsored content in their paid-for experience. Eurogamer highlighted a series of arguments on two major camps of the spectrum- those “against” the ads and those “for” the ads (though, honestly, most of the “for” arguments appear to be less in favor of the ads being put in and more apathetic about their inclusion). One of the main reasons why I write this particular post, however, was watching and listening to Joe Munday discuss it on r/SF Radio, and reading his tweets about the issue. It got me thinking deeply about the subject, and… my conclusions arrived at a different space I had initially perceived them to come to. Admittedly, I was initially leaning slightly more to the “it’s a reality of the game industry we live in” argument of the issue. As I thought more on the notion, I stopped and thought about the nature of advertising itself.

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Why SonicFox winning TGA’s eSports Player of the Year is so important for the FGC

Last night, Echo Fox’s own SonicFox raised an award on one of the biggest stages in games media- The Game Awards. He had won a category that was stacked with fantastic players and legends in their own rights- eSports Player of the Year. There was not a single small name on the ballot to be seen. Dominique “SonicFox” McLean was nominated alongside fellow fighting game legend Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi, League of Legends player Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao, CS:GO legend Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, and one of the greatest Overwatch players on the planet Sung-hyeon “JJoNak” Bang. Not a single name on that list is to be taken lightly- all are some of the best gamers on the planet in their fields, but SonicFox walked to the stage as the most dominant player of them all. Continue reading